What is Ayurveda
What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda Melbourne The ancient practice of Ayurveda was invented nearly 5,000 years ago in India. Ayurveda operates under the premise that each individual was born with a unique constitution or dosha that can be either vata, pitta, kapha, or a combination of either two or three of them. It's considered to be a science of balance and longevity. The goal of Ayurvedic Therapy is to keep the body and the dosha in balance because it brings both mental and physical well being and health

The diet is another important aspect of Ayurvedic Therapy. Certain foods bring your individual constitution or dosha back into balance and certain foods promote imbalance. For example, individuals that are pitta tend to have a fiery, tempered personality, so it is not recommended that they eat hot and spicy foods like chili peppers.

Seeking Ayurvedic Therapy involves going to an Ayurvedic Center run by an Ayurvedic Practitioner. The practitioner will then prescribe what is necessary to bring the body back into balance. The practitioner may prescribe certain herbal remedies or they may prescribe certain changes in the diet. For example, vatas need to avoid cold, frozen and raw foods to maintain balance. A kapha individual needs to avoid dairy while getting plenty of exercise to maintain balance.

Aggravating the dosha causes the body to go out of balance, supposedly creating toxic by-products. When the body is in balance it promotes a happiness, health and longevity. Ayurvedic Therapy is used to maintain or bring back into balance the doshas of the body. This is done by first eliminating the toxic build up that is blocking the body's balance. Therefore, detoxification or Panchakarma is a major aspect of Ayurvedic Therapy. A Panchakarma session at an Ayurvedic center can consist of a warm body massage. This is a vigorous massage that loosens the toxins on the inside of the body. Next is a full body steam where the oils from the massage dilate the pores so that the toxins can more rapidly be shed from the system. The third part of the therapy is mental rejuvenation when warm oil is poured onto the forehead to pacify anxiety, promote relaxation, and then calm the nervous system.

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