Stress Management
Stress Management


To reduce tension, relax muscles and to relieve stress related aches
Includes combination of any two or three of the following therapies depending upon the body condition of the guest.

Yoga and Meditation
Rejuvenation therapy Njavarakizhi
Dhara Thalam
Herbal body pack
Special head massage Intake of Ayurvedic medicines

Therapy will be under the supervision attending Ayurvedic Physician
Benefits of Ayurvedic Stress management:
  • In todays stressful life style this procedure greatly relives stress and strain
  • Controls depressive tendencies, anxiety and other psychosomatic disorders
  • Pacifies the mind and corrects hypertension
  • Acts purely with herbal tranquilizers
  • Improves the systemic circulation associated with induction of sleep
  • The therapy helps to develop positive attitude towards life.

Duration of therapy & Yoga: Two hours thirty minutes / day

Package includes:
  • Pick up and Drop Colombo and Melbourne
  • Accommodation
  • Food Full board Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy on all the days (Except check out day)

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