Life Analysis
Life Analysis


Ayurveda Melbourne Overview Of Inner Healing
Each of us was born at a unique moment in time, and this gives us a clue to the way to inner healing. This moment of our birth is unique. No-one else on earth has been born at exactly the same place and exactly the same time. The configuration of the planets at that moment gives us a guide to our inner selves. No-one can explain in scientific terms why and how it is so, but it is possible that every single part of the universe is connected with every other part. From the earliest times, astrology has been linked with spiritual healing.

The Path To Inner Healing
There are different ways of attaining physical and mental healing for yourself. Whether you choose Yoga, Reiki, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Herbs, or any kind of meditation or holistic healing, often you will achieve an inner healing and peace that will remove the need for more invasive therapy. In other words, you achieve an inner balance.

The Natal Reading Report
A natal reading report is a life book for a person according his or her date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. It is an objective and impartial description of ones character. It outlines the strength and weaknesses of the individual in all possible spheres of life. This report is about self-knowledge comes the greater awareness and therefore the willpower to overcome the weaknesses in ones character.

Ayurveda Clinic in Melbourne Astrology Analysis
Astrology comes into its own when someone has a problem, perhaps a relationship problem, or a worry about employment, or any particular thing. A detailed astrological investigation can so often help find an answer to a question, or help a person to come to a greater understanding.

If you give us your birth details, Maniyo Amma would not only be able to provide you a description of your character but can also look into more details the answers of the questions you would like to ask her or discuss about the options that you would have according your situation. She would be able to tell you about your past, your present situation and your future options as well as provide you advice for your best path. It could be any question related to your family or personal relationship with a partner, friend or about your career path, health issue, etcShe would be able to tell you about yourself with only your birth details after carefully prepared your astrological chart, which is only unique to yourself.

This could be revealing for most people and very powerful. You will be surprised how accurate about your personality, character and life details she could know without meeting you. It is only in your hands then how much you would like to ask about yourself and your future. The aim of this personalised consultation with her would be to help you understand yourself, your different options, and the opportunities that you could create for your future. It could give you a clear picture of your life, your possibilities, a better understanding of yourself. The positive effects of this session could be tremendous as this could be the starting point of your healing process.

Providing Your Inner Healing Analysis Information
Please make sure that you provide us the most correct information so that your reading could be accurate: your full name (including surname), date of birth (including date, time & time zone (GMT), place of birth (city, country).

Your healing process starts when you believe in your possibilities and options for your future whatever way they come from. Please fill out the following form to begin the spiritual healing process.

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