Energy Healing
Energy Healing
Jinanjalie Dissanayake

Certified Bioenergetics Practitioner & Wellness Coach, Member IICT

Ayurveda Melbourne A holistic approach to health and life allows you to regain your wellness and vitality with confidence.

Hello! I’m Jinanjalie (many of you know me as Jinji). I love food, cooking and being around people. I am a certified wellness coach and spent many years researching and teaching others about what we need to do to look and feel great. So great nourishing food, movement of any kind and getting rid of controllable toxins were all part of the equation for healthy living.

But it was not until I introduced the energetic elements into the equation that I saw real lasting results that went deep. We harbour and hide all our knockbacks, shocks and fears in our bodies, the toxins around us drain our vitality and we may not even be absorbing nutrients from the food we eat because our human body field (our prana or Chi) is compromised. Once the human body field is cleared and strengthened we feel it in our physical body.

Science has come a long way, allowing us to see and measure what we could not in the past. This is absolutely true of your energetic field. Your scans will show you what is going on in your body at an energetic level. It is truly fascinating.

As an accredited bioenergetics practitioner, I will help you gain a better understanding of the core issues that drive your health using state-of- the-art technology and provide you with tools and resources to address and monitor these issues so that you can allow your body to heal and thrive.



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