Hay Fever
Hay Fever

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hayfever treatment with ayurveda in melbourne Allergic rhinitis or Hay fever is a reaction of the nasal mucosa. It manifests as edema, itching, and increased nasal secretions. It is the result of allergy to a specific antigen. It is also called pollenosis and is characterized by seasonal recurrence during the period of pollination of causative plants. However , the term hay fever is actually a misnomer, since a fever is rarely present.

Like general allergiy, this is a Kapha Pitta disorder. Yet Vata constitution people suffer more from this disorder, because it is also due to autoimmune derangement and hypersensitivity of the nervous system.

In acute attack, suddenly the patient suffers from cold with running nose, red and itchy eyes, and sneezing. Vata type - headache, insomnia and anxiety are seen. Pitta type thirst, yellow nasal discharge, shooting type of temperature, burning eyes and skin rashes are seen. Kapha type the sputum is whitish and there is heaviness and dullness in the body. If the sinuses are congested, patient complains of dull headache in the region of sinuses.

Ayurveda Clinic in Melbourne Trikatu, ocimum sanctum, basil, cloves, camphor, coriander are the herbs of choice. To prevent reoccurrence, according to the type of dosha, proper purification procedure like medicated emesis or medicated purgation should be done.

Vata Type using a particular method of rejuvenation called as unit increase, and unit decrease with piper longum fruit should be followed. Pitta type tab. Guduchi 500 mgm, twice a day or tab. Sariva 250 mgm, or tab. Mauktik kamadugha 125 mgm, once a day gives better results if given with anti Pitta herbal tea for 1 month. Pitta tea, which contains licorice, cardamom and santalam album is ideal in this condition.

Kapha type Anti Kapha diet is advised. Herbs of choice are camphor, cloves, and basil.

Tribhuvan kirti, is indicated. Kapha tea of ocimum sanctum or basil, cloves and camphor is ideal. Nasya of anu oil is best. Patient should also inhale medicated water vapor of mixture of water and basil leaves and eucalyptus oil

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